“Within less than a year of lessons with Diane, my range has improved immeasurably.  I gained confidence in my singing as well as learning a beautiful new repertoire. Diane also gave me great tips for auditions and it was her tips that helped me ace my audition and land me a summer job acting.”  -Hailey  M., Singer/Actress – Vancouver, BC

Diane, your singing lessons are awesome!
All the best your way, I will highly recommend you for your online lessons.  – C.A. Myers, Singer/Actress – Vancouver, BC

“I think Diane’s an excellent teacher.  Her approach to teaching Bel Canto is subtle, steady, sure, and really effective.  She knows how to guide students to open up vocally.  With her as a teacher, I was able to find beauty, musicality, power, and a sense of artistry and meaning in my singing.  She’s wise and kind, professional but flexible, and she really helped me.  I’d happily recommend her to anyone.” -Zoe Neill-St. C., Writer/Musician – Vancouver, BC

“I can say from the moment I started singing with Diane I felt comfortable (which had never happened before in a vocal lesson.) I loved her energy and her method help my vocal technique increase in an effortless and really enjoyable way. I will never forget how it felt when I first sang open vowels over her piano. “- Emily N.,  Special Needs Therapist – Vancouver, BC


“Working through the Bel Canto technique, Diane worked with me to build a stronger understanding of my vocal abilities and developed  my upper and lower registers to pitches and dynamics I had yet to achieve! I especially enjoyed our work building confidence around my vocal break, so that I was more aware of my voice in transition from my lower to upper registers.Diane is a very accessible and hardworking coach, who was always extremely dedicated to ensuring I understood the process, and that she understood my goals. It was an absolute pleasure working with Diane!” -Tamara K, Corporate Lawyer – Toronto

“Diane is a fabulous singer and she knows how to impart her know-how.  As a fellow professional, I naturally can testify that Diane’s approach starts in the right basic places, so that singing develops and just gets better as you go along.”

singer David Cambrin– David Cambrin, Singer/Songwriter – Baden Baden,Germany






“Diane is a superb singing teacher for a first time singer like me.  She has shown me techniques for warming up my voice.  They are like a relaxation for my throat even when it is scratchy from a cold. The way she sets up her classes is great.  She makes sure never to push my voice too far while we practice the low and high ranges.  I’m proud to say I learned to sing well for the first time in my life with Diane!” – S. Reeves –  BC, Canada

“Well now, those couple of voice lessons Diane gave me helped more than anyone else. ”  -Ken Finlayson, Piano Tuner, Vancouver BC

“It was a pleasure to be taught by Diane! Before singing lessons with Diane, I was nervous to sing in front of people now I have the confidence and the techniques to do so. -Jennifer V.,  Film Production Assistant – Vancouver, BC

“My voice lessons with Diane Roy are different than anything I have ever experienced.   Diane guides me to relax  on an energetic level.  This allows my true voice to flow out with ease.  Sometimes I can’t believe that the silky, rich voice I am hearing is really mine.“

singing student testimonial

⇒Goldie Denise Wilson, Zumba Instructor,

British Columbia,Canada


“Since beginning with Diane, I have noticed my confidence and ability to express myself increase a hundred fold.Through her knowledge, instincts and musical talents, she is able to pick up subtle vocal blocks I have and guides me through them, allowing me to reach notes and tones that I could never reach before.  Plus, the online lessons are amazingly powerful and convenient…perfect and brilliant!” – Rebekah, USA –  Singer/Songwriter

“Lessons with Diane not only clear blocks in my voice, but also have challenged and cleared some misconceptions I had about singing and vocal development.She has a wonderful understanding of the voice, unlike other teachers I have met.  With her guidance and subtle tweaks she has me implement, my voice is now producing a quality of sound I didn’t realize I could sing.”

– Ray R., USA – Singer/ songwriter

“I am a fairly new student of Diane’s and she has just rescued me before a very important audition.  Through very gentle exercises, she has targeted my weak spots thus revolutionizing the way I approach singing.  I also find her ability to help with song interpretation exceptional.”

singing lessons studentUlrike Lodwig – Singer/Actress, Berlin

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