The Benefits of a Classic Rock Repertoire

classic rock for better singingMany of the songs written in the Classic Rock music style have melodies that span a few octaves.  Very good way to exercise pure falsetto tones combined with pure chest tones to keep the voice healthy and vibrant.  It all makes for a smoother passagio (bridge) between the two as well….like a well-oiled machine.

Singing Tip Number 1- Tuning Into Your True Vibration

Singing Tip Number 1 – Tuning into your true vibration. The importance of  humming.  As you go about your day, hum softly to yourself as much as possible. It stops your mind from over-thinking and gets you familiar and comfortable with your own natural vibration.  Both your speaking & singing voices are a natural extension of “the hum”.

If you have problems singing in tune, humming also helps in re-calibrating your voice from the inside out, in order to tune into the notes coming from outside of you. Once you get the feeling of the vibration inside,  you’ll  realize how easy it is to match the notes coming in from outside of you .  You’ll also notice how good it feels to just sound like yourself.  In those good vibrations that are so satisfying  you’ll  feel  less and less of a need to sound  like anybody other than yourself.