Singing Lessons

Bel Canto technique for both song and speech is the quickest and most natural no nonsense way to build up your voice, whether for song or for speech.

Justin Bieber, Aretha Franklin, George Micheal, Celine Dion, Sinead O’Connor, Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge… What do these legendary singers have in common?  They are all Bel Canto singers.

Trusting the process

It’s necessary for you to let go of anything you may feel will “help” you to sing better, as in “reach” for or push into the notes. It’s all about the vibration, which will grow organically, naturally easily starting with your true vibration.

Your vocal tensions will continue to fall away over time as your voice continues to wake up become more resonant.  As your lower notes vibrate more freely, so will the notes in your head register and the notes in the middle register will mix together naturally, beyond any “doing” from the conscious mind..   The two registers will continue to blend from the pure lowest notes to the pure highest notes, as demonstrated in the diagram below.

Seamless singing - no break between the head and chest registers
Seamless singing – no break between the head and chest registers

       For your Skype singing lesson, you’ll need :

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30 Minute Lesson $55 CAD

5 – 30 Minute Lessons $250 CAD

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