Natural Free Bird Songs, Musicality and the Pulse of Planet Earth

free bird songs In this computer age of digital overload, I am very happy to say that I have an overflowing abundance of natural free bird songs right outside my window.  I live at the edge of a huge, heavily forested park, on the Pacific coast of Canada.  Between me and the park, there are a multitude of birds which chirp in response to each other throughout the day, beginning with a songbird symphony at sunrise and ending with a chorus of songbird soliloquys at sunset.

As a part of my morning routine, upon placing my fingers on the piano keys,  without fail, a full chorus of birds immediately bursts into song.  They are perched right up above me on a rooftop ledge outside the window of my music studio. After about four bars, without fail, they settle into a background chirping, tuning into each other rhythmically and melodically as they provide the accompaniment to the  piano sounds drifting upwards.

According to Token Rock Sound Center author, Stuart Mitchell,  “Every cell of our bodies, heart, and mind have grown up with the Earth’s heart beats and being in harmony keeps all that is alive on Earth healthy. It is an essential program deep in the DNA code that maintains stability and growth of each species. So it becomes understandable now why the animals have such a ‘perfect pitch’, because their DNA is a biological music instrument that tunes itself to its planetary environment in order to develop and survive.”

Is it also possible that the more we align to the natural sounds of the earth, like natural, free birds songs from our immediate surroundings, spend more time in nature, and lean towards listening  to purer, more symmetrical and fully resonating music that we add to the health of the planet and the survival of our species as well?  Especially in this day of  overwhelming amounts of  digital information, it’s worth taking into consideration.


Choral Sound Healing Music

Beautiful choral surround sounds are a very pure type of  healing music.  An example of this is shown here in the video called  One Collective Breath – “The Forty Part Motet”.  This piece was recorded by Canadian sound installation artist, Janet Cardiff.  She recorded it with eight different choirs.  The piece is coming through forty separate speakers that surround the room.   In the video you can see the people as they enter into the center of the room.

You can sense the listeners relaxing  as they become engulfed in the choral sounds coming from the forty different speakers surrounding them.  As they continue to open up and relax into the pure vibrations of this healing music, they become very present.  This allows for a self-healing mechanism to unfold within. By allowing the sound to permeate the body, the mind slows down, the breath deepens and the heartbeat drops. This simple act of surrender creates a sense of well-being and a peaceful connection to oneness.