Express Yourself!

Growing up, the majority of us had our real selves silenced at an early age. This came originally from a parent, a school teacher and later, even groups of friends who, if you truly expressed how you felt, you ran the risk of being “cast out” for not being “cool” enough.  There were a myriad of reasons for this and none of them really had anything to do with you.  Many of us don’t even realize that we are still stuck there.

As we know, children take on the beliefs of those around us and silence ourselves in order to “fit in” and be “liked” and in extreme cases, to actually survive.

When you think about it, babies absolutely wail… unconditionally, without having a care of what others may think….until they are told not to.  And as youngsters, we were often told “Children should be seen and not heard”…

We all have a beautiful unique voice inside of us that needs to, especially in this digital age – if for no other reason than to just be present and center ourselves…needs to come forth and be heard, especially with so much stimulation from the outside via the internet.

The late, great Rollo May, the American existential psychologist and author of “The Courage to Create” and “Love and Will”, said:   If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself.

What better way to do this than to tune in to your true self and just sing!.
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Leona Lewis – Pop Singer with a Flawless Technique

Lewis possesses a mezzo-soprano vocal range which spans four octaves.  

Music critic Neil McCormick, of The Daily Telegraph, has praised Lewis’s technical skills, writing, “Her mezzo-soprano range allows her to take melodies from luxurious low notes to high-flying falsetto, gliding with elegant power and impressive control through all kinds of fluctuations and modulations.”Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic adds, “Lewis can hit what seems like high belted notes.”

Leona Lewis uses her head register on the high notes and never belts even tho’ it sounds like she is belting because of the sheer power behind it.   She actually extremely classically trained and has no need to strain.  The secret to her vocal prowess is that she still practises operatic scales on a daily basis.

Singing Bowls and Sound Healing

Sound healing has been used for thousands of years across many cultures.  An ancient healing technique that has become popular once again is the use of Singing Bowl for sound healing.  When a singing bowl is sounded, it creates a pure vibration that creates a sound bath, taking a person from a place of imbalance and asymmetry to a place of harmony and balance.

The essence of the universe is made up of sound and light and we, as a human species, are connected to all of it. So in essence, we are also made up of sound and light at our very core. This is why, when pure healing sounds come in to play, they positively affect our whole being on all levels.  This is reflected in all of nature as well.  Everything vibrates out from it’s core as it grows. Trees have rings that extend outward as they grow, much the same as water has rings around it as a stone is dropped into it.

Our subtle body expands and stores our life experiences in a similar way. If we apply frequency with singing bowls, because of the purity of the vibration, we create a natural filtration system emanating from our core that helps release blocked energy out into the atmosphere to be released and absorbed.

The singing bowl theory can  also be applied to the human singing voice.  When a singer has a pure vocal resonance emanating from their very core, they affect the listener in a similar way, creating a kind of sound bath healing. When you think of the really great singers of our time, it gives us a deeper understanding as to  why they are so loved and have such incredible longevity.