Leona Lewis – Pop Singer with a Flawless Technique

Lewis possesses a mezzo-soprano vocal range which spans four octaves.  

Music critic Neil McCormick, of The Daily Telegraph, has praised Lewis’s technical skills, writing, “Her mezzo-soprano range allows her to take melodies from luxurious low notes to high-flying falsetto, gliding with elegant power and impressive control through all kinds of fluctuations and modulations.”Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic adds, “Lewis can hit what seems like high belted notes.”

Leona Lewis uses her head register on the high notes and never belts even tho’ it sounds like she is belting because of the sheer power behind it.   She actually extremely classically trained and has no need to strain.  The secret to her vocal prowess is that she still practises operatic scales on a daily basis.

Happy 100th Birthday First Lady of Song!

April 25th 2017 marked the 100th birthday of Ella Fitzgerald, “The First Lady of Song”, also known as the “Queen of Jazz”.  Her first performance experience was as a young girl in a tap dance contest.  She was overcome with stage fright that she couldn’t move and not knowing what else to do, she started to sing.  Much to her surprise, the audience was delighted and applauded wildly.

Ella Fitzgerald was noted for her purity of tone, perfect diction and phrasing and her flawlessly improvised scat singing, with her pure horn-like vocal quality. She had a naturally flawless technique in true Bel Canto form.

A Great Performance Using Bel Canto technique.

A great performance using Bel Canto technique is displayed in this video of Cristina Ramos. Her recent performance got everyone’s attention immediately  on the Spanish version of America’s Got Talent.  In this video you can see how Cristina makes singing look and sound as easy as carrying on a conversation with friends.  This great performance seemingly executed so effortlessly is a perfect example of having flawless Bel Canto technique.  In the first half of her performance while singing a classical aria, you can see that Cristina’s mouth remains quite open and her throat is very relaxed. In the head register, she creates a beautiful, vibrant sound as she perfectly executes the various runs in this very difficult aria.

In the second half of the performance, Cristina breaks into a lower register more rock-style and equally great performance.  It sounds as if she is grating her voice and pushing very hard, but in actual fact, her singing is not causing any vocal constriction at all.  Because her  throat is very open, any vocal constriction is kept to a minimum or out of the way completely. This is a vital first requirement of Bel Canto technique.  In this performance you will hear how beautifully grounded and powerful her chest register truly is.  It’s only with perfect technique like this that a singer can switch so easily from one style of singing to another.

This video beautifully demonstrates how having a perfect technique can allow you to sing in all styles.  It is an organic process, so it takes time and there is an element of discipline involved, but the results make it all worthwhile, as you can see in this video .This was a great performance using Bel Canto technique and a great treat for both the judges and  the audience alike!