“Your voice is your truth is your power”


About Diane Louise Roy singer / vocal coach Diane Louise Roy

I’m an intuitive vocal coach and if you have vocal blockages. I can target the largest of them within the first few minutes of our meeting. 

As the constrictions start to unravel, specifically designed vocal exercises are applied to clear away vocal blockages  layer by layer allowing your true voice to shine through more and more, whether for song or for speech.

Once this process is set into motion, your voice will continually get stronger and grow organically, with minimum effort and maximum gain.

Express yourself!  True expression is true art…the place where you and your higher power meet.

In my early 20’s,voice.   I had the good fortune of studying a tried and true method of singing called Bel Canto, which allowed my voice to grow exponentially over a course of only 2 years. From that point on, I never looked back and have performed as a singer/pianist and vocal coach for over 30 years worldwide.


  • Diane is a fabulous singer and she knows how to impart her know-how.  As a fellow professional, I can testify that Diane’s approach starts in the right basic places, so that singing develops naturally and just gets better as you go along.          –  David Cambrin , Baden Baden, Germany  Guitarist/Songwriter/Singer
  • Testimonials:
  • I can say from the moment I started singing with Diane I felt comfortable (which had never happened before in a vocal lesson.) I loved her energy and her method help my vocal technique increase in an effortless and really enjoyable way. I will never forget how it felt when I first sang open vowels over her piano                                                   – Emily N.,  Special Needs Therapist – Vancouver BC
  • Thank you for your patience and marvelous coaching!   – Allison R., Singer/Actor/Dancer,  Vancouver BC
  • I am a fairly new student of Diane’s. She has just rescued me before a very important audition.  Through very gentle exercises, she has targeted my weak spots and revolutionized the way I approach singing.  I also find her ability to help with song interpretation exceptional. –  Ulrike L. , Actor/Singer – Berlin, Germany

Career Highlights

Teaching Bel Canto singing technique and song development in Vancouver BC and online to students worldwide – 2010 – present

Head of Musical Theatre Department, Penticton School of Dance, Okanagan Valley BC, Canada – 2009

Singer/Pianist – Golfhotel les Hauts de Gstaad, Switzerland 2008-9

Singer/Pianist – Hotel de Rome, Top Addressen,Berlin 2006 – 2008

Singer/Pianist – Compass Rose Jazz Club, Tokyo, Japan 2006

In Concert at Jazz Radio, Berlin, 2002

Singer/Pianist – Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany, New Year’s Eve 2000

Entertainer Crystal Cruiseline & Seacloud 5 Star Sailing Vessels 1998-2000

Top ‘o’ The Senator Jazz Venue, Toronto 1996

Host of The Arts & Entertainment Show (Cross-Canada Radio) 1990-92


Best Of Diane Roy CD 2010

Pop Rock Revisited Solo CD (with Sax) 2005

I Hear Music Solo CD  2003

Solo Live at Lydian Sound Studio, Toronto 1993

Born To Be Blue CD (with Quintet) 1992


  • Tooned-In Animation Voice workshop with Emmy Award winning Animation voice actor/director Stevie Vallance, Vancouver BC – 2017Animation Voice workshop with Stevie Vallance
  • Crash Test Auditions workshop at On the Mic Training, Vancouver BC 2017
  • Master classes in Bel Canto technique with Cornelius Reid, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Intensive acting workshops at Toronto Workshop Productions with George Luscombe. Course included Laban movement, Kristen Linklater technique and Stanislavsky improvisational work.
  • Bel Canto singing training with David Dunbar and Carol Forte in Toronto
  • Musical Theater Scholarship Program, Banff School of Fine Arts, Canada





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